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Re: cornering the latex market

From: "Allan Edels" <edels@email.msn.com>

>    Both companies do NOT seem to making mechanicals for the movie -
>"Dreamscape" does CGI and other "Invisible Effects", the other company 
>selling their make-up ability.

I think Brian was right about the list veering a bit, but a real 
paleontologist stated this thread so it MUST have some relevance.  In 
any event, this is my last Godzilla post (at least until the movie comes 

They did do an animatronic Godzilla, which cost millions of dollars.  It 
was very large and complex.  Devlin and Emmerich justified a smaller 
budget than De Bont was willing to deliver based on the use of 
animatronics, whereas De Bont had demanded 100% CGI. 

Guess what?  The Animatronic Godzilla would not work.  It failed again 
and again.  Smoke came out of it (when it wasn't supposed to, that is).  
So the movie Godzilla is 100% CGI after all!

Spoiler alert.

I personally have seen the new Godzilla and think it looks like a 
poposaur with a spiky back.  


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