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Larry Dunn wrote:

> I think Brian was right about the list veering a bit, but a real
> paleontologist stated this thread so it MUST have some relevance.  In
> any event, this is my last Godzilla post (at least until the movie comes
> out!)

Just so there's no perception out there that I'm a humorless crank (I'm a
crank, but I'm not a *humorless* crank!), let it be known that I have
absolutely no objection to posts about Godzilla, Jurassic Park, The Lost
World, or any other popular depiction of dinosaurs. Pop culture dinosaurs
and how the public perceives real dinosaurs because of their influence are
at least topics that are relevant, even if only peripherally. And hey, some
of these films are even fun! (Case in point: THE LOST WORLD; man, I don't
remember the last time I laughed so hard!) I just saw no relevance to
dinosaurs in the particular post that I objected to (because there was
none), and this *is* still the Dinosaur Mailing List AFAIK. ;-)

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)