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New Dinosaur Monograph

Hello All -

        (This message is being cross-posted to both the Dinosaur Listserver
and the VrtPaleo Listserver, so if you receive it twice, please allow me to
apologize beforehand.)

        This message is to inform you that there's a new theropod monograph
available.  The full reference is:

Harris, J.D.  1998.  A Reanalysis of _Acrocanthosaurus atokensis_, its
Phylogenetic Status, and Paleobiogeographic Implications, Based on a New
Specimen from Texas.  _New Mexico Museum of Natural History Bulletin_ 13: 

        If you would like to obtain a copy, they are going for US$15 + $5
shipping & handling ($7 for overseas shipping).  Checks or money orders
should be made out to "NMMNH Foundation."  Send your order (plus your
ship-to information) to:

        New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
        1801 Mountain Road NW
        Albuquerque  NM   87104

If you would like an actual order form, please e-mail me and I'll send you
one.  Unfortunately, my very few author's copies already have claimants, so
please don't e-mail me asking for one -- sorry!

        Thanks for your time and attention!

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Jerry D. Harris                         (505) 841-2865
Fossil Preparation Lab                
New Mexico Museum of Natural History        
1801 Mountain Rd NW                           
Albuquerque  NM  87104-1375             102354.2222@compuserve.com