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Re: cornering the latex market


    Maybe Jim Farlow can get the foot of the failed animatronic Godzilla for
a song (and possibly a dance)!  Who built it?  (Can reply off-list)

    Allan Edels

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From: Larry Dunn <larrydunn@hotmail.com>
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Date: Thursday, May 07, 1998 10:11 AM
Subject: Re: cornering the latex market

>From: "Allan Edels" <edels@email.msn.com>
>>    Both companies do NOT seem to making mechanicals for the movie -
>>"Dreamscape" does CGI and other "Invisible Effects", the other company
>>selling their make-up ability.
>I think Brian was right about the list veering a bit, but a real
>paleontologist stated this thread so it MUST have some relevance.  In
>any event, this is my last Godzilla post (at least until the movie comes
>They did do an animatronic Godzilla, which cost millions of dollars.  It
>was very large and complex.  Devlin and Emmerich justified a smaller
>budget than De Bont was willing to deliver based on the use of
>animatronics, whereas De Bont had demanded 100% CGI.
>Guess what?  The Animatronic Godzilla would not work.  It failed again
>and again.  Smoke came out of it (when it wasn't supposed to, that is).
>So the movie Godzilla is 100% CGI after all!
>Spoiler alert.
>I personally have seen the new Godzilla and think it looks like a
>poposaur with a spiky back.
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