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Chasmosaurine finds

As someone with a ceratopsian fetish, it's GREAT to hear of a new 
chasmosaurine!!!!!!!! (Finally, a new non-theropod!) Anyone have 
pictures, measurements, etc., yet? When is a written description 
expected? Any other cool finds?

I talked to Pete Larson the other night about the Wyoming Triceratops 
skeleton mentioned earlier on the list. No limbs are present as of yet, 
as it sounds (scapula and other bits). However, the ribs and vertebrae 
are in excellent condition, with some partial articulation. The 
cervicals are well fused, so it seems to be from an adult specimen. 
However, the skull is "only" 6 and one-half feet long. Beautifully 
preserved, with only one horn missing. The thing is in, but they are 
going back to remove some of the overburden in the area in hopes of 
finding any stray pieces. I will be going out to look at the specimen 
the last week of May, so I can take any photos, etc., that people might 

Also, a word of announcment: Preparation has commenced on a Torosaurus 
skeleton found in North Dakota. It is about 60 percent complete, 
although disarticulated. It includes a partial skull, limbs, vertebrae 
and ribs. All around, an excellent specimen! I will be looking at that, 

Andy Farke

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