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Fossil Reptiles from the Former Territories of the Former Territories of the
Soviet Union and Mongolia

Does anyone have any idea when this book might be published?  There is a paper
by Norman and Sues on Asian ornithopods (paper 4 in Norman's series) that is
to be published in it.

Also, is:

The Age of Dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia

The same to-be-published book?  In Sereno (1997)'s bibliography it was
supposed to be published in 1997, but is absent as of yet...  Sereno has a
paper on marginocephalian evolution.

Does anyone know what other papers are to be published in this (these)
book(s)?  And again, when the heck will we actually see it (them) in

Peter Buchholz

Yuck!  I hate birds!!!
One of 'em swallowed a diamond earring of mine that had great sentimental