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No Creationist discussion on this list!

I'm operating in crisis mode, so I'll apologize to everyone who's sent
me mail recently and hasn't received a response.  I'll get to everyone
ASAP (I'll presume everyone knows what that stands for).  Since the
new policies haven't been "tested" yet I'm not going to worry too much
about tweaking them.  At some point in the next few weeks I probably
will address issues that were raised in public.  But not now.

The crisis that brings me here today is the message sent by Douglas
P. Wojtowicz.  Mr. Wojtowicz, I heartily encourage you to point your
nearest web browser at:


As per policy I've instructed the MLM (that's mailing list manager) to
ignore your messages.  I'll undo that after a week has passed.  To
everyone else, PLEASE don't respond to messages about Creationism when
they've been sent to the dinosaur list.  I started to time out a
couple of other people, but the rules clearly state that you'll be
timed out for attempting to *introduce* such subjects.  Apparently
I've left a loophole allowing people to respond to said introductions
without formal censure.  If the list gets bogged down with such
messages in the future I'll close that loophole...

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)

P.S. As far as the dinosaur list's policies are concerned there are no
"good guys" in a Creationist discussion.  I think I've made that clear
in the past.  If people think the administrative message is fuzzy on
this issue let me know and I'll change the wording.  I'll take sides
in a Creationist debate in other venues.  Here the subject is
verboten.  Period.