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At 09:54 PM 5/7/98 EDT, Peter Buchholz wrote:

>The Age of Dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia
>The same to-be-published book?  In Sereno (1997)'s bibliography it was
>supposed to be published in 1997, but is absent as of yet...  Sereno has a
>paper on marginocephalian evolution.
>Does anyone know what other papers are to be published in this (these)
>book(s)?  And again, when the heck will we actually see it (them) in

To my knowledge, they are all the same book.  Benton, Kurochkin, Shishkin &
Unwin are the editors, and it is coming out from Cambridge Univ. Press.
I've reviewed a paper or two from it: it promises to be a very intersting
book: theropods by Currie, the ornithopod and marginocephalian papers
mentioned above, a parieasaurian paper by Lee, at least one Mesozoic bird
paper, and almost certainly a pterosaur paper or two.  Should be very

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