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Dino-artist of the century

Dear lister

Now that we have figured out "who likes which paleontologist", I believe
that this question should come next.  Who is the #1 Paleolife-illistrator
(a la Franczak)
        I have always liked G.S.P.  I think that Greg Paul, helps you get a
very good picture in your head about "what dinosaurs realy looked like".
His detailed pencil drawings never fail to impress me.  Greg is very
consistant with the facts.
        Another artist that I have grown to love is, Luis Rey.  I don't
cruise his website that often.  I was looking at the DS art gallery, and I
saw a great ceratasaur head.  I decided to look at his website.
        I especially loved his painting of the Protoceratops and
velociraptor.  His art has detail and you still don't lose that emphisise
on motion.

        I would appriciate any responses so I could keep score.

P.S. Note that sculptors should be included aswell.  The question is, Who
portrays dinosaurs the best.

Davey O'

"I've been pushed to the brink of the precipice and dared not to blink"
Mark Heard