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Re: Dino-artist of the century + insul. in archos.

On Fri, 8 May 1998, David Hill wrote:

>       I would appriciate any responses so I could keep score.
> P.S. Note that sculptors should be included aswell.  The question is, Who
> portrays dinosaurs the best.

Paints: Charles R. Knight 
Pencils: GSP (pro); T. Mike Keesey (amateur--is that an okay description,
Ink: Probably Matt Celeskey.

How many votes do I get?  I also like Franczak, Gurche, and Henderson.
Luis Rey's site is outstanding.  

BTW, I agree with the hypothesis presented in another message that
insulation is an ornithodiran characteristic.  GSP has been a proponent of
feathers or protofeathers or whatever even in forms like Marasuchus for
years.  It made sense to me the first time I read it, I'm glad to see
interest in the idea.  Perhaps testing will occur soon.