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Student Research Auction

The Paleobiological Fund has set up an online silent auction to benefit
student researchers.  ALL proceeds will go to support student research
(graduate and undergraduate) in the area of paleobiology/paleontology.  The
auction contains donated items that range from signed publications (Dr.
Stephen Jay Gould) to dino toys to sculptures (1:2 scale T-rex skull), to
casts.  If anyone is interested please go to The Paleobiological Fund's home
page at http://members.aol.com/cpaleo  and click on the auction link.  
The Paleobiological Fund is a nonprofit organization established to support
and enhance paleobiological research and education in order to increase our
knowledge about the evolution all life forms and processes through fossil
This is our first full year of operations and we are happy to announce that
will be awarding over $12,500 to student researchers both in the USA and
Thank you for your support.
All the Best.
Curtis Bentley