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Re: Dino-artist of the century

Jack Conrad hazarded:

>Ink: Probably Matt Celeskey.

I think William Stout, among others, has me soundly beat in that medium. When
the list starts voting for well-meaning hack of the century, I'll accept
nominations without protest...But thanks for the thought, Jack!

My pics (depending on which question you're asking):

Paleo-life illustrator: Charles Knight

Mesozoic illustrator: Doug Henderson

Who portrays dinosaurs the best: I'd nominate all the folks that put together
the dinosaur scenes in Jurassic Park. Yes, they had their (often gross)
inaccuracies in anatomy and behavior. But in terms of cultural impact, realism
(in the sense of palpability) and spectacle (not to mention financial success) I
think no other portrayer of dinosaurs comes close.

See some of the aforementioned inkwork at