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Portuguese dino meeting

For European dinosaur fans, and those who will be in the Iberian Peninsula
at the end of the month:

The Museu Nacional de Historia Natural da Univesidade de Lisboa will be
hosting the 1rst International Meeting on Dinosaur Paleobiology/Museology
Programme for the Portuguese Dinosaur Tracksites on May 26-May 28.  Don't
know the price and so on, but it will feature programming in English &
Portuguese, with simultaneous translations into the other language (I'm
interested in seeing the interpreter keeping up with me...)

The target audience is the intersted layman and educators.  The meeting
coincides with EXPO 98, Lisbon's world's fair, and celebrates the recent
discovery and preservation of fantastic dino egg- and tracksites in Portugal.

Speakers are:
M. Telles Antunes, dinosaurs of Portugal
V.F. Santos, discovery of tracks of J-K Portuguese dinosaurs
P. Taquet, theropod eggs & embryos of the Upper J of Portugal
J. Horner, undisturbed clutch of hadrosaur eggs from the Judith River of Montana
J. Moratalla, Spanish dinosaur eggs
A. Milner, paleobiology and relationships of spinosaurs
T. Holtz, evolution and adaptations of theropods
J. Le Loueff, Late K dinosaurs of the Ibero-Armorican island
J.L. Sanz, "When dinosaurs begun to fly"
R. Barsbold, the fighting dinosaurs - they really fought
Dong Z.-M., Asiatic sauropods & their phylogenetic relationships
E. Buffetaut, Thailand dinosaurs
M.H. Henriques, J of Cabo Mondego & an international project of Portuguese
regional geology
D. Thies, the Dinosaur Park Munchehagen
J. Delgado Rodrigues, conservation of dinosaur footprings: technical and
methodological aspects
E. Gaffney, dinos and paleo at the AMNH
M. Lockley, dino tracks in the public eye
A.M. Galopim de Carvalho, perspectives on the museology of Portuguese
dinosaur tracks

Talks are 45 min, with 15 min for questions.

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
Vertebrate Paleontologist     Webpage: http://www.geol.umd.edu
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