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(Flying Fish)RE: Origins of flight

>Dinogeorge wrote:
>>Flight is an ability that arises from time to time in populations of
>animals (not just birds, pterosaurs, and bats, by the way, but also in
>insects, fish, snakes, frogs, and so forth).
>I was including insects, but I'm not aware of any fish, snakes or frogs
>that fly. Glide perhaps, but fly?

Gasteropelecid hatchetfish (tropical freshwater New World characoids...no
relation to the deep-sea sternoptychid hatchetfish) have the ability of
powered flight as opposed to the gliding marine exocoetid 'Flying' fish.
They have heavy pectoral muscles that move their long pectoral fins so fast
that they can leave the water and fly through the air in a straight line
while making a funny buzzing noise (Dammed annoying when you open your
aquarium lid and have a school of these guys start zipping out everywhere
in a panic).

Erm...back to dinosaurs now!!!
Brian Choo