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Re: My 2 cents on dino-artists

I think I want to vote for Willis O'Brian for dinosaur artist of the
century (that influenced the most people).

The two modern dinosaur artists I like to have hanging on my wall are
Mark Hallet and William Stout.  They both make good-looking art besides
doing nice dinosaurs.  Very nice color sense, good use of line, good
composition, technically well painted, plus they do a good job of
putting in the REST of the landscape around the dinosaurs.  (besides,
the dinosaurs look good)

Sadly, I haven't been exposed to the European or Japanese dinosaur
illustrators as much as I want, and don't know have any names.  Anyone
recommending any non-US illustrators?

-Betty Cunningham

T.A. Curtis wrote:
>    As for dino-artist of the century?  Only time will tell on that score,
> but I would have to vote for Knight as well.  Whether accurate or not, his
> work influenced thousands and thousands of impressionable minds for many
> years--including mine.