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Re: My 2 cents on dino-artists

This thread is a very BAD IDEA.  For one thing, it's been done before and
for another, you are commenting on people who can read what you say, or
hear about it at any rate.  It's potential for hurting people's feelings
saying uncomplimentary things, or by simple omission is high.  It proves
nothing and serves no purpose.  Go back to Godzilla.

> From: T.A. Curtis <kodiak@inetworld.net>
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Cc: daveyohill@earthlink.net
> Subject: My 2 cents on dino-artists
> Date: Friday, May 08, 1998 10:41 AM
>    I have to definitely agree that GSP is one of the best
> around, and not just because he can draw well, but because his creatures
> look absolutely real. . . warts and all.  I have no problem imagining
> his illustration of an allosaur lying on its side scratching behind its
> with a rear leg is absolutely real (see Predatory Dinos of the World p.
> 119).  And by real, I mean. . . well, it isn't one of his best
> illustrations.  But I can't recall any other artist having the
> to show a dinosaur doing such a mundane, absolutely *normal* thing.  To
> that's almost revolutionary in and of itself.
>    I'm sorry I can't agree with your assessment of Luis Rey. . .  Too
> Dali-like.  (Uh-oh.  Let the flaming begin!  :-) )
>    Michael Skrepnik:  Awesome!  He's got some illustrations in the
> Press' Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs that just blow me away.  He seems to use
> the same (sometimes overly-intense) color schemes as Luis Rey, but his
> creatures are very realistic. . .  He's a good artist.
>    John Sibbick is a sentimental favortite.  He's probably best-known for
> his illustrations in The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs by David
> Norman, but unfortunately that seeems to have been executed before he
> completely learned about dino anatomy (example: almost all his dinos are
> tail-draggers).  That was rectified by the time he did the map pull-out
> the Jan. (or was it Feb.?) 1993 National Geographic special issue on
> dinosaurs, and the panoramic illustration on pp. 32-33 in The Natural
> History Museum Book of Dinosaurs (by Tim Gardner and Angela Milner) is an
> awesome piece of dino-art.  (Sibbick's style reminds me of an artist from
> the dim recesses of my memory:  Anyone remember Rudolph F. Zallinger?)
>    As for dino-artist of the century?  Only time will tell on that score,
> but I would have to vote for Knight as well.  Whether accurate or not,
> work influenced thousands and thousands of impressionable minds for many
> years--including mine.
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