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Re: Re.dino-artist of the century

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  O,K, I've given this some thought.  Accuracy is in flux all the time, sure,
we 're a lot closer than 50 years ago to what a dinosaur might have actually
looked like but is that really what the pretty pictures are about?.  I think
what has a more lasting effect in artwork is INFLUENCE.  Almost every period
in art history has it's "type specimen" artist,( Art Nouveau is Mucha,
Renaissance Michealangelo or Da Vinci, yadda yadda..)  So dinosaur art could
be split up into two periods, Classical and Modern.  Who had the most
influence in these periods.  According to the survey,it appears to be Knight
for Classical, and Paul for Modern.  What does medium have to do with it?
  David Krentz

Date: 5/8/98 10:14 AM
To: David Krentz
From: david_krentz@fa.disney.com
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  Thanks Dan, your twenty bucks is in the mail.

David Krentz

Date: 5/8/98 10:03 AM
To: David Krentz
From: Danvarner
      What polls like this really show is what is trendy at the time. If this
were the 1930's James Allen's paintings for Sinclair Oil would be very
popular. Carrol Lane Fenton would have made his mark in the 1950's. It's kind
of silly, but fun, I guess. I would have to weigh in with David Krentz on
Charles R. Knight. As far as being painterly and going about the business of
fine art there can be no argument as far as I see. What may surprise some
on the list is that Knight was every much as good a sculptor as he was a
painter. Most of his paintings began life as scuptures. His models have all
too rarely been seen, let alone published. Knight's Tyrannosaurus bronze is
one of the most beautiful objects I have ever seen. As far as pencil goes,
anything ever been done to measure up to his superb Ornitholestes snatching
Archaeopteryx out of the air? No.
       If you haven't seen the latest _Prehistoric Times_ magazine
I would like to draw your attention to page 49 where there is a selection of
David Krentz's very fine dinosaur restorations. Watch out!
       I'm glad to be back after the old IBM died and thanks and apologies
once again to Mickey for his patience. Dan Varner.