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The True "original" Godzilla was Re: cornering the latex market

Ahh, where would these discussions be without nitpicking! 

When speaking of the "original" Godzilla film, one must assume that what
is being spoken of is "Gojira" which is, in fact, the original Japanese
movie, not "Godzilla" which is the
re-made-for-America-with-new-footage-and-dubbing-and-stuff thrown in for
good measure.

In the true original movie, Gojira is (as my failing memory recalls) NOT
a dinosaur, but rather a genuine creature out of Japanese mythology. If
someone wants to call me on this, I'll get out my tape which I've buried
somewhere and find out the exact name of the animal. The original is, in
fact, much more of an authentic "folk tale" than what has come down to
us as "Godzilla."

Perhaps we ought to distinguish "speciation" based upon some new
characteristic, "original" being a little too vague to be diagnostic.


Jeffrey Martz wrote:
> > Concerning the hindfoot of Godzilla, need I point out that the upcoming
> > Godzilla is NOTa dinosaur, but rather a mutated iguana.  The pes is an
> > example of analogy rather than homology, I fear.
>      WHAT?  Where did you hear this?  That is really strange.  They seem
> to have gone to great lengths to make the new _Godzilla_ look like an
> anatomically correct dinosaur, and it is explicitly stated in several of
> the old _Godzilla_ films (including the original) that _Godzilla_ is a
> dinosaur (also check out Kenneth Carpenter's article in the new Godzilla
> Compendium referring it to the Ceratosaurs).  I can't imagine whey they
> would change that; I would think a giant mutated dinosaur would have more
> of a draw then a giant mutated iguana.
> LN Jeff

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