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Re: The Need For Paleo-Endust

>*** Asteroid dust may have helped kill dinosaurs - report
>Currently, about 30,000 metric tons of dust from asteroids
>falls to the Earth every year, but in the past the rate has been as
>much as 10 million tons a year, researchers said.

Hmmm.  And this is supposed to have helped kill off the dinosaurs?
Something isn't right here.  If we just look at just the lower nine
kilometers of atmosphere, that comes to, what, 4.6 billion cubic kilometers
of atmosphere?  So ten million tons of asteroid dust per year would average
out to less than one gram of dust per 460 thousand cubic meters of
atmosphere (600 thousand cubic yards)--per year.  Maybe it's just because I
grew up in Oklahoma, but this doesn't seem like a lot of dust to me.  (It
wouldn't surprise me if there were 10 million tons of dust airborne at this
very instant.)