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Re: Origin of feathers

>>Matt wrote:
>>Hold up. Archaeopteryx has no such ulnar papillae as shown 
>>conclusively by Wellnhofer. The ulna of Archaeopteryx is relatively 
>>thin and narrow compared to "higher" birds such as >>enantiornithines 
and ornithurines.

<<I did say "ridge" and not "papillae"; My meaning was that the presence 
of a ridge meant more firmly anchored feathers than a rounded ulna would 
seem to support...>>

     The ulnar ridge is the ridge that supports the papillae for the 
attachment of flight remiges.  Archaeopteryx has no such ridge and no 
papillae.  Some birds have an ulnar ridge.  Others just papillae.  Still 
others lack both completely.  

Matt Troutman

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