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Re: Re.dino-artist of the century

For my two cents (DinoArt):

    Greatest Dinosaurian Influence:            Charles Knight
    Most Photographic Realism:                 John Gurche
    Most Scenic:                                            Doug Henderson
    Most Influential this Decade:                  Greg Paul
    Most Memorable:                                    Rudolph Zalinger

(I have seen several copies of Knight's sculpture - they are more life-like
than his paintings.  [He used his sculptures in order to get natural
lighting for his paintings - he would take them outside on the sidewalk])

    Allan Edels

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Subject: Re: Re.dino-artist of the century

>      What polls like this really show is what is trendy at the time. If
>were the 1930's James Allen's paintings for Sinclair Oil would be very
>popular. Carrol Lane Fenton would have made his mark in the 1950's. It's
>of silly, but fun, I guess. I would have to weigh in with David Krentz on
>Charles R. Knight. As far as being painterly and going about the business
>fine art there can be no argument as far as I see. What may surprise some
>on the list is that Knight was every much as good a sculptor as he was a
>painter. Most of his paintings began life as scuptures. His models have all
>too rarely been seen, let alone published. Knight's Tyrannosaurus bronze is
>one of the most beautiful objects I have ever seen. As far as pencil goes,
>anything ever been done to measure up to his superb Ornitholestes snatching
>Archaeopteryx out of the air? No.
>       If you haven't seen the latest _Prehistoric Times_ magazine
>I would like to draw your attention to page 49 where there is a selection
>David Krentz's very fine dinosaur restorations. Watch out!
>       I'm glad to be back after the old IBM died and thanks and apologies
>once again to Mickey for his patience. Dan Varner.