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Re: how old did they get?

    I don't think there is any definite work done on this question.  I have
mentioned several possibilities some months ago.  [Check the archive].
    Basically, it is not known - some bones show growth lines (L.A.G.'s,
actually) that may indicate a year's passage.  For several South African
dinosaurs that were examined, the lines indicate ages from 17 to 23 years.
(It is NOT known if the lines indicate one year).  [I think this is not very
clear or accurate].
    If we estimate that dinosaurs grew as fast as modern crocodillians
(about a foot per year for adults), then some of the giant sauropods such as
_Argentinosaurus_ may have lived 180+ years (sort of like Galopogas
turtles).   [This is a good guess].
    Of course the giant sauropods might have lasted for an obscene length of
time - say 1200+ years - There  is NO evidence for this!!!  [PURE
    Likely best guess:  70-120 years for the giant sauropods, 20-45 years
for most of the rest, especially the theropods.  [This is a GUESS!!!!]
    Hope this helps,
        Allan Edels

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Subject: how old did they get?

>For all the reading I have done I don't think I have ever come across any
>information as to the predicted age of the dinosaurs.  I can can make a
>few estimated guesses but there is nothing like seeing it im print or
>having someone else verify my shots in the dark.  :>