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Re: Re.dino-artist of the century

Growing up in the 'dinosaur renaissance', I mostly bought dino books
based on their artwork. The paintings of dinosaurs as wildlife
fascinated me. I do not think it is fair to single out one particular
artist. As the century has progressed, so has our knowledge of
dinosaurs. The artwork has progressed as well. I believe we should
celebrate all dino artists for bringing these wonderful creatures to
life. I know these lists are getting redundant, but here is my list of
the artists and technicians that have inspired me to learn about these

ARTISTS: (In no particular order)
Gregory Paul
Bob Bakker
Charles Knight
Rudolph Zallinger
Doug Henderson
Mark Hallett
Eleanor Kish
John Gurche
James Gurney
Tracy Ford
Stephen Czerkas
Luis Rey
David Krentz
William Stout

There are many others, and I apologize for any omission.

The wonderful art of stop motion animation and more recent use of CG has
brought dinosaurs to life as well. Here's my tip of my hat to those who
also brought dinosaurs to life:

Phil Tippett
Ray Harryhausen
Willis O'Brien
Jim Danforth
David Allen
Randy Dutra
Doug Beswick
Tom St. Amand
Dennis Muren
Pete Kleinow- Remember
Harry Walton - Land of the Lost?
Eric Leighton
Marcel Delgado

Again, apologies to anyone that was omitted. But a hearty THANK YOU to
any artist that has inspired me and countless others to learn more about


"Zimm tells you the way it is, or else!"
-Harry Zimm