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Hello, Brian Franczak,
    Thanks for your 5/9/98, 3:04 AM posting on PALEOLIFE ARTIST OF THE CENTURY.
    Finally, someone on the list has distinguished what I'd call truly great art in the most universal sense of 'art' from great illustration, regardless of how superb that can be.  Doug Henderson's best work might well rank with great works in any major art museum, worldwide, and it is his transcendence of 'subject' that ranks him at that level.  You describe his work succinctly and excellently in your short comment.  His art has a universal and timeless quality.
    What I say next is only an analogy and is in no way intended as a putdown of the great dinosaur illustrators that serve the world with excellent insights and inspirations by a very important focus on form (sometimes down to minute detail):  the late pianist Liberace could enable one to hear every note, even of Chopin or Mozart.  On the other hand, a Rubenstein or an Ashkenazy could (can) transport you into the mind of the composer.  There are good technicians, great artists, and many intermediates between the two.  Henderson creates true art.  Some are satisfied with dinosaur paintings.  Each is important, but in differing ways.
    Thanks again for pointing out the difference.  May it open some minds to a universe that transcends mere form.
    Ray Stanford