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> Not all think pterosaurs are ornithodirans.  Dave Peters has 
> considerable evidence on his _Pterosaur Homepage_ that has convinced me 
> that pterosaurs are prolacertiforms.  See it at:
> (home.stlnet.com/~azero/Pterosaur_Homepage.htm)

Great homepage by the way.  Also a lot of good stuff on Prolacertiformes, 
a group which kind of get pushed out of the limelight by their bigger 
and sexier Mesozoic relatives.  Definitely worth a look.
Nevertheless, it has yet to convince me that pterosaurs are not ornithodirans.

> The evidence and characters ( about 30-40 ) all suggest that pterosaurs 
> are prolacertiforms.  This is supported by,  but not limited to:
> 1)  Post cloacal bones
> 2)  Strut-like coracoid.
> 3)  Fiber supported membranes.  
> Matt Troutman
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