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Re: Ceratopsian gait


    This has been covered recently on the list, check the Archives for March
or April of this year.

    Quick version of the answer:  The rear legs were fully erect.  The front
legs seem to require a very slight outward sprawl of the 'elbows' to allow
for a relatively smooth gait and full motion of the front legs.  (Otherwise,
they bump into the ribs).

    As an aside, this may not apply to _Protoceratops_ and other, less
robust ceratopsians (more primative?).  _Protoceratops_, at least, seems to
have a fully erect posture for all 4 limbs.

    Allan Edels

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Date: Saturday, May 09, 1998 3:06 AM
Subject: Ceratopsian gait

>I've read the S&S Czerkas book, _Dinosaurs: the Global View_ in which
>a new articulated ceratopsian find claims to show that the
>ceratopsians did in fact have a front-sprawled gait.  Then, last
>Sunday, while I was flipping through the channels, I game across a
>dinosaur show on the Discover channel, which claims the exact
>opposite-- a new find of an articulated ceratopsian shows that the
>shoulders were actually more forward than was previously suspected,
>and that this new position allowed a very easy erect gait for the
>Does anyone know if either of these two (if they aren't in fact the
>same) finds are published and where I could read more details about
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