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Re: how old did they get?

To all:

    I posted a long message on this subject in September 1997 (framed by
posts from GSPaul).  Check the Dinosaur Mailing List Archive for September
1997, and look for "T-Rex/Life Spans" as the topic.

    Allan Edels

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From: Larry Akins <lra_raptor@hotmail.com>
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Date: Sunday, May 10, 1998 12:58 AM
Subject: Re: how old did they get?

>>    Likely best guess:  70-120 years for the giant sauropods, 20-45
>>for most of the rest, especially the theropods.  [This is a GUESS!!!!]
>That sounds reasonable to me, but I know a lot more work would need
>done, before anything can be said for sure, maybe I'll do that after
>I get my degree, but then again, maybe not.
>Larry Akins
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