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Re: My 2 cents on dino-artists

This is NOT just a matter of taste.

The dinoartist of the century is Greg Paul. Not only has he changed our
view of dinosaurs forever, but tell me one modern, worthwhile dinoartist
that hasn't been influenced by his anatomical studies.

He is responsible for the look of the dinosaurs as not simple reptiles or
birds but more as a class... Class: Dinosauria.

This must also be a dangerously silly thread...next we know and Greg will
be claiming his award in cash!

David Hill's extremely wise comments were answered by the also extremely
wise T.A. Curtis:
>    I'm sorry I can't agree with your assessment of Luis Rey. . .  Too
> Dali-like.  (Uh-oh.  Let the flaming begin!  :-) )

Oniric dinosaurs anyone?
And you haven't seen my >other< stuff yet... he, he, he......

Who said this list can't be fun...

Luis Rey

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