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     Last time I participated in a thread like this,  I ended up 
insulting Brian Franczak ( I'm still sorry Brian ) on accident,  so I'm 
proceedng cautiously.  

In my opinion the greatest dinosaur artist of the century is either 
George Miksch Sutton or Roger Tory Peterson.  They both were great at 
illustrating birds no matter the media.  Sutton brought simple realism 
with his wonderful pen techinique.  He remains a master at what he did.  
Peterson was the first bird artist to label the parts of a bird.  He 
followed the footsteps of Audoban in his wonderful paintings.  Both,  in 
terms of popularity and influence,  are the greatest dinosaur artists of 
the century.  

Notable runners-up are Greg Paul and Doug Henderson.  Both are probably 
the most produced non-avian dinosaur artists.  Little kids grow up with 
Henderson's pictures of Masasaura and his wonderful  pictures of 
paleo-environments.  Any artist can tell you that Henderson has a 
special skill in his drawings ; both in their realism and atmosphere.  
Greg Paul has produced some of the best dinosaur pictures ever.  I am 
always astounded when I look at a new Greg Paul or one I have never 
seen.  All of his pictures are near photographic snapshots of a world 

Matt Troutman

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