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Re: Deccan Traps (Re: Discovery Impact Programs)

Stanley Friesen wrote:

> From: "Jarno Peschier" <jarno@nedstat.nl>
> >From: Rob Meyerson <rjmeyer@ix.netcom.com>
> >> The program claimed that the Deccan Traps Vulcanism (although the
> >> region was not named, but it was clear what they were talking
> >> about) started *because* of the Chixculub Impact....
> >
> >Yes, if I remember correctly, there is. ... It sort of goes like
> >this: the Deccan Traps are (almost?) completely antipodal to the
> >Chixculub impact. The shockwaves from the impact, "running around"
> >the Earths crust could have been amplifying eachother by
> >interference exactly there and cause geological results like the
> >Deccan Traps to form.
> This all sounds very nice and reasonable, *until* one dates the beginning
> of the Deccan flows relative to the Chixculub crater.  The Deccan flows
> started some 300,000 to 500,000 years *prior* to the impact, as shown by
> magnetostratigraphy.
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     I'm Sorry I can't recall where I got this info but it has been suggested
that the Deccan Traps began as you said prior to the Impact Theory and that
this may account for thedecrease in flora , fauna , and sea life , before the
Impact took place . Make's sense .
     Earl Wood