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Wherefore turbinates?

    At the risk of putting my ignorance on display, could anyone explain the
theory behind how respiratory turbinates/turbinals are supposed to aid in
water retention?  I tried to do a search of the archive and I found talk of
statistical correlations, questions about sample size, arguments about
whether particular animals have turbinals, and observations about the
preservability of soft tissue, but I couldn't find a good theoretical
explanation of how turbinates/turbinals can assist in conserving water.  I
could find only one person who proposed a mechanism for how turbinates could
accomplish this (incoming air cools them to the point that the exhaling air
condenses water onto them) and from what I know of evaporative coolers, I'm
pretty sure that one won't work.

    By the way, is there some way to get that Excite search engine to keep
digging on the same keywords?  Failing that, is there a way to get a text
dump of the archive so I can use my own search engines?