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Well not really.  (Note: i am little spoiled by some recent trips to
Smithsonian, Tyrrell and Utah) but when in the DFW area look into...

-Ft Worth Museum of science and History- which has only a mount or two...
-Look in the web for SMU (Southern Methodist University) which i believe
does have some paleo exhibits 
-I think the Museum and Science Place in Dallas has some small exhibits too.
-Also consider a day trip to "Dinosaur Valley" to see the RT Byrd tracks
(but if it has rained recently the creek will be up and the tracks not
visible so call ahead).
-Also if you make your way to Austin (about 200 mi south) the University of
Texas at Austin (tu) Museum has some exhibits but the last i was there i
would say that it is not with the trip in my humble opinion...

I know its not much to go on, but then again there is not much here to start
with. The bottom line is that there is no "one stop for all your paleo
exhibits needs" here.... but enjoy your stay...

Don F. Inman
Control Law Design and Analysis 
Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems         

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        I'll be in Texas in a couple of weeks (Dallas/Ft. Worth) and was
        wondering if there are any dino exhibits at local museums that might
        worth checking out. Anyone have any info?