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Brian Franczak wrote:

> >
> > "In 1992, Robert Gaston, volunteering for the Price museum, discovered two
> > creatures that lived just after the end of the Jurassic.  One was the 
> > predator
> > _Utahraptor_ ("Utah's raptor), a 6-meter (20-foot) killer with sharp-edged
> > claws on its forelimbs and feet.  The other was the herbivore _Gastonia_, a
> > one-ton, bony dino-tank."
> Maybe Rachel just mispoke when she wrote "Bakker couldn't resist sneaking
> in some of his new names", but weren't these dinos named and described by
> Jim Kirkland?

Utahraptor has been named, but Gastonia is still in press. It will be
published in October of this year together with a new coelurosaurian
theropod, The wrlds oldest hadrosaur (a lambeosaur) and I hope the
oldest ceratopsian with brow horns and single rooted teeth. Our dig last
week has shown me thatwe will be able to mount this new beast. (Weird
and wonderful frill).

Thanks for pointing this stuff out. Bob has indeed gotten a bit of
mileage out of Utahraptor. Believe it or not. He has never been to the

Jim Kirkland