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Re: The True "original" Godzilla was Re: cornering the latex market

> In the true original movie, Gojira is (as my failing memory recalls) NOT
> a dinosaur, but rather a genuine creature out of Japanese mythology. If
> someone wants to call me on this, I'll get out my tape which I've buried
> somewhere and find out the exact name of the animal. The original is, in
> fact, much more of an authentic "folk tale" than what has come down to
> us as "Godzilla."

     Gojira was a figure out of myth to the people of Oto Island, but if
I'm not mistaken, the scene with Dr. Yamane giving the lecture on
Godzilla's status as a Jurassic "intermediate" between a terrestrial and
aquatic animal was part of the original release, not one of the
Americanized scenes with Raymond Burr (although they stuck him in as an

LN Jeff