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Re: The True Original Godzilla

Jeffrey Martz <martz@holly.ColoState.EDU> weighs in:

>     Gojira was a figure out of myth to the people of Oto Island, but 
>I'm not mistaken, the scene with Dr. Yamane giving the lecture on
>Godzilla's status as a Jurassic "intermediate" between a terrestrial 
>aquatic animal was part of the original release, not one of the
>Americanized scenes with Raymond Burr (although they stuck him in as an

I recall Yamane holding up pictures of a tail-dragging tyrannosaur and a 
stegosaur.  Who knows what he said in the Japanese original? (I don't 
mean this as a rhetorical question.)  I mean, Godzilla does look like 
the product of a theropod and a stegosaur who loved each other very much 
. . . .

And Toho's resurrection of Godzilla in the late 80's was certainly a 
dinosaur -- see the oscar-winning Godzilla versus King Ghidora, in which 
we see Goji in flashbacks as a "godzillasaurus" as he assists those 
noble Imperial Japanese against the vicious American military.  It is 
truly hilarious.


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