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more pictures of listmembers

If you'd like to see a few photos of fossils (such as Paul Willis) at
the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadlephia, you might want to go


This page is the fulfills a prophecy made by Allan Edels way back on
February 18th.  I'd have gotten these images up earlier, but I had to
wait until Paul was properly dealt with.  Go to the site if you want
to see what I mean...  And I will *not* add to any rumors about Paul
and Mary (though I note that it was strange how Mary gave me some
detailed information about Paul's whereabouts when I sent e-mail to
both her and Paul about the above site...)  If rumors do continue to
fly I should probably mention that Paul (like his Co-countryman Chris
Nedin) can't be trusted.

If you want to give me any feedback about the site, you know where to
find me:

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)