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Dino-Trekking was Re: Museums in Western Kansas?

Y'all need to get ahold of Dino Trekking by Kelly Milner Halls. It
answers all of this sort of question. Includes museums, road side
attracktions, what all else.

It goes without saying that you can order it through DIG, but it would
be totally crass to mention that so I won't.

Anyway, it really is a useful book, as is Dan Cohen's book, which is not
as complete, and I don't remember the name at the moment anyway. Sigh.

Sabrina Cox wrote:
> Hey everyone.  Lurk mode off.
> I got an e-mail from someone who was doing a road trip this summer with her
> kids to Western Kansas and wanted to know of any good musuems there with
> dino exhibits.  Suggestions?
> Thanks!
> Sabrina
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