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John Jackson wanted me to forward this to the list.


I absolutely agree with Peter Von Sholly - the voting for "palaeo. of 
the Century" was bad enough (though my 2c were there, I know) but 
artistry is something more personal, and although it is only " the word 
on the street" I feel it must be unnecessarily irritating.

Having said that, my personal criterion for both elections is "getting 
it right".  Anyone who consistently produces sound (to my mind) opinions 
in words or pictures, especially when those opinions are often detailed, 
frequently new, and often very novel, gets my vote.

It's interesting to talk about *influence* here - I feel that is easier 
to judge, and is also a sort of vote by other artists.  However I would 
like to say that we don't just study dinos to find out where the oil is, 
or other science/tech reasons solely, so anyone who entertains by 
stressing something particular in their art shouldn't be compared 
directly with an artist in a different style.  Also, contrary to an 
impression I may have given some time back, I consider commercial 
sculptures every bit as valid and worthwhile in this field as scientific 


"There can be no discussion about taste - but that doesn't include 
Godzilla of course!"

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