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many MORE questions :>

Last week I posted for info on Masstrichtian age deposits containing
dinosaur fossils with repects to density, quantity, and locations.  Now
that the ball is rolling I have some more questions and a few answers too.
First the questions.

I have found some information within the USGS Special Papers 190
collection on extinctions etc., but the referances are realy hard to find
way out here in the extream North Western US, even futher north than
Seattle, :<  anyway I am looking for the type of specimines found in the
following locations, not the specific fragments or collects but what
fuana's there.  

 SOUTH AMERICA:   Champanian to lower to middle Masstrichtian.  I found

 MONGOLIA:        Well I found a lot but it is very contradictory so if
                  there is some that are generaly agreed upon it'd be nice
                  to know.  

 NORTHERN EUROPE: hadrasuar, but isn't most of the material marien thus
                  the dinosaur fossil remains be there by recombination or
                  accident? and I read some where that a few fragments of
                  megalosaurian(?) had been turned up.

 NORTHERN US:     I think we all know, I hope...

 AUSTRALIA/ANTART:I haven't gotten there yet, but if you feel like helpin'
                  out I wouldn't mind :>

Other random stuff....

As the northern (contonental us) seaway regresed did the dinos and what
not migrate south with it?  Does anyone have any thoeries as to how the
topogrophy changed, i.e. as the seas regressed wouldn't there be sevier
down cutting of rivers and streams?  Did the flood basins change from
marshes to deltas, what about pooling and salinization of the regresing
basin, how saltiy was the seaway...etc.  

How close was the regresion of the seas to the bloomimng of grasses and
flowering plants? 

I guess I could go on for a long time, I think that these should keep me
busy for a few days.  Thanks for the help on the previous quiestions and
the directioon too.  I might yet learn something that my Profs. would deam
worthy, yet I have to learn to spell first.  

Thanks as always Landry

oops, i'll get to the answers I came up with later today, gota run to