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Re: Muddy feet, or not? (JOKE)

Bill and Allan,
         While she was visiting at Easter, my daughter - knowing my
interest in all things dino - brought me a specimen which I thought
curious, but ala a certain shoemaker in Italy, I put it away as being
"neat-o". Your information regarding these unusual tracks and eggs piqued
my interest enough to extract the specimen from the back of the fridge -
where it was ensconced behind a jar of mayo and a gallon of milk.
        Unfortunately, because my daughter brought the specimen to me
from San Diego, the specimen is out of context, and except for the
immediate matrix surrounding the specimen, there is no data available for
the locality in which it was found. I would suspect something like the
intermittent Eastercandy lens of the Safewaysian (sp? - I never get that
one right <G>) or Albertsonian age, other indications are that it was
re-deposited from a site in PA known as the Cherrydale Farms quarry. Is
this a record distance for such transport?
         The specimen is a COMPLETE miniature sauropod, weighing a mere
85 grams. Chemical analysis shows similar content to the previously cited
eggs and tracks - milk chocolate. The skin surfaces are intact and appear
to be consistent with extant elephants - appears wrinkled rather than
bumpy or scaly. The neck is a mere 3 cm long, with an overall height of
11 cm from the top of the skull to the bottom of the feet. 
          Identification included with the specimen indicate it is "Thor
the Dinosaur" with a VERY accurate artist's rendition of the
paleoenvironment of the time. This rendition includes an erupting
volcano, pink pterosaur flying above a river, in which a creature vaguely
resembling a sauropod, but with stegosaurian plates cavorts - proof that
Nessie IS a relic of the Mesozoic? Subject specimen is depicted as more
or less "squatting" (sprawling posture rather than erect - though the
specimen itself clearly is standing with an erect posture) on the bank of
this river in front of smaller tridactyl footprints, which do not appear
in front of the sauropod or to either side, apparently indicating the
demise of a theropod. There is a slight inaccuracy between this artist's
reconstruction and the specimen, however. In the drawing, subject "Thor"
has only 3 digits, while the actual specimen has 4. BTW - Thor has lovely
long eyelashes and is that wonderful and oh-so-realistic shade of
         Please advise as to the best means of handling this specimen -
I'm sure the summer here in Arizona will wreak havoc on it and I would
hate to see the specimen deteriorate from its current pristine (and
un-munched) condition. With 3 teens in the house, it's a wonder the
specimen has survived this long!
        Deb Boaz  

On Thu, 14 May 1998 00:20:09 -0400 "Allan Edels" <edels@email.msn.com>
>    Just thought I'd add my info on similar trackways and eggs.
>    I too have found such _T. rex_ tracks.  However, my investigations
>yielded about 30+ excess pounds (just look at my pictures on Mickey
>page entitled "Crazed Brit Invades Philadelphia" - ref: his message
>pictures of listmembers')  - and no proof of their existance, due to the
>disappearance of the chocolate matrix within several hours of its
>    I do have a egg where chocolate has replaced the shell as well -
>apparently containing several embryonic sauropods.  (Apparently, a
>multi-birth brought on by fertility plants being consumed by its
mother).  I
>have been keeping this in the back of a refrigerator (my mother's) for
>keeping - as I don't trust myself not to devour it.  Locals who wish to
>examine it, please contact me....
>        Allan Edels  (munch, munch, munch.....)
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Bill Adlam <wa105@mead.anglia.ac.uk>
>To: dinosaur@usc.edu <dinosaur@usc.edu>
>Date: Tuesday, May 12, 1998 11:49 AM
>Subject: Re: Muddy feet, or not? (JOKE)
>>I recently purchased part of a tyrannosaurid trackway, identified as T.
>>(Further specimens are on sale, but per the list's charter I shall not
name the
>>source.)  The tracks were clearly left by a juvenile, perhaps a
hatchling, as
>>each print was only 35mm long and 30mm wide.  Three toes were clearly
>>splayed out and seem to be pointed, almost triangular.
>>No distinct claw traces are visible, but there is a small impression
>>each footprint presumably corresponding to the retroverted digit IV.
(It is
>>IV, isn't it?)  This is included in the length quoted above.
>>A particularly unusual property of this ichnofossil is the matrix
>>Although it has of course hardened considerably over the 70 million
>>or so since the tracks were made, its chemical composition seems to be 
>>largely unchanged.  This particular trackway was left not in wet clay,
but in
>>softened chocolate.

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