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Re: Miniterm paper, help!!!

From: dwlewis <dwlewis@rmii.com>
To: dinosaur@usc.edu
Subject: Miniterm paper, help!!!
Date: Wednesday, May 13, 1998 6:45 PM

    I need some info here:

        Who is the author for the book, "Dinosaur!", who was it published
by, and when was it published?
        What are the arguements against the idea of dinosaur endothermy?
        I also would like some help on thinking up a complicated,
scientific title for this paper, please.

                                                    Thanks in advance,

Caleb , 
The book in question , "Dinosaurs !" , was written by Dr. David Norman , (
lots of artwork by John Sibbick , Greg Paul , John Gurche 
etc. ) to accompany the A&E TV program of the same name(also available on
video ) . It was published by Prentice Hall , 1991.
As for the endothermy question , see "The Complete Dinosaur"( Farlow &
Brett-Surman , Indiana Press ,1997 ) chapters 32-35 ,and "The Dinosaur
Encyclopedia" ( Currie & Padian , Academic Press , 1997 ) ' Physiology' ,
'Growth Lines' .  Hope this helps !

Regards , Truett Garner