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darren.naish@port.ac.uk wrote:
> Perhaps the best talk was Mark Goodwin's on UCMP 15442, a baby
> _Triceratops_ skull discovered by Garbani in the Hell Creek Fm,
> Montana. It's the smallest ceratopid skull yet found, and has huge
> orbits and a frill about the same length as the face. Parietal and
> squamosal borders are strongly scalloped and Mark had a lot to say
> about the ontogeny of 'epocippitals': a complex story that I can't do
> justice here. He bought along a cast of the skull (much of the face
> is restored).

are there pictures published of this specimen anywheres?  Did they give
an aproximate age for the lil' guy?

> Dr. Buffetaut also showed a
> slide of some bizarre unidentified ?archosaur snout which had
> slightly spatulate teeth with carinae, no serrations, and marked wear
> facets. Looked like nothing else ever seen: heterodontosaurid and
> aberrant theropod were suggested as identities.

It seems likely that this won't be published till it's identified. Do
paleontologists have to go to Thailand if they want to see it?   What
happens with it if it's never identified?  Back drawer somewheres till
some grad student wanders across it a hundred years from now?

-Betty Cunningham