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Re: Chesapeake Crater

GSP1954 <GSP1954@aol.com> wrote

>In the Jan 98 Discover, p 80, there was an article about the possibility that
>the Chesapeake and Siberian Popigai craters were formed at the same time some
>35 Myr ago. It attributed the claim to a Canadian-Russian team in July, but no
>further reference was given. Anyone have a citation? 

Original Article : 

Bottomley R, Grieve R, York D, Masaitis V, The age of the Popigai impact
event and its relation to the events at the Eocene/Oligocene boundary, Nature
1997; 388: 365-68.

Review (in the same issue) :

Stoffler D, Claeys P, Earth rocked by combination punch, Nature 1997; 388:

Also for a third crater of the same age :

Anonymous, East coast craters, Sky & Telescope (July) 1996; 92 (1): 17

Gautam Majumdar                 gautam@majumdar.demon.co.uk