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Re: dino-artist of the century

     Back in the summer of 1964 I was a 15 year-old Gomer (or maybe Hjalmar
would be more appropriate) from Minnesota wandering aimlessly around the
fourth floor of the American Museum of Natural History. Going down a rather
dark corridor, I past the entrance to an exhibition hall and was literally
startled by that old mount of Tyrannosaurus. It must have been an old primal
reflex that goes back to _Purgatorius_, but I nearly "nicotined my undies" as
W.C.Fields was fond of saying. I'll never forget that feeling, a moment of
pure fear as that thing caught me unaware out of the corner of my eye. I knew
the mount inside and out, I had Osborn's memoir, and even had the
Tyrannosaurus skeleton model by ITC. But the visceral reaction was very
intense and quite gratifying on reflection. Dan Varner.