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Re: Paleoartist

Paleoartist implies someone who specializes ONLY in paleontological art
(one supposes in all historical periods and of all creatures, great and
small in that context).

A medical artist would do the same with anatomy, et al.

Court artists draw trials....

A general "illustrator" would draw dinosaurs, cars, and nekkid human
beings with equal impunity.

So if might seem that if one finds the term "paleoartist" restrictive,
then one might call oneself an "illustrator."

David Krentz wrote:
> Subject: Paleoartist                                         10:42 AM
> 5/14/98
>   I dunno know about a lot of you, but the term Paleoartist makes me nuts.
> Isn't there a better,less pigeon-holed term out there for talented artists
> who like to draw prehistoric life?
>   Man, I could go off on this...just ask Brian F ;-)
>   David Krentz

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