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Re: Don't say I never spoiled anything for you

From: Jeff Poling <jpoling@dinosauria.com>

>   Just as a warning to everybody:  the studio put out many FAKE 
drawings of
>the new 'zilla, each different in specific ways, in order to figure out
>which vendors would leak the info.  Several of these drawings have 
>their way to the internet (and yes, the vendors' contract was 
>This info came from _Wall Street Journal_.

That's what Centropolis wanted you to believe.  The whole story about a 
supposed "purposeful leak" strategy is now known to have been a 
smokescreen to explain away actual leaks.  All of the images released on 
the internet (among them the Fruit of the Loom pictures and the 
sculpture of Godzilla atop the Empire State Building) were valid 
likenesses of the Godzilla you'll see (or decide not to) this summer.  
People attending advanced preview screenings have confirmed this, and 
the legitimate licensed merchandise that's been released early has some 
of these same images in it (such merchandise as the Starlog Movie 
Magazine, the toys that are now available and the cover of Scholastic's 
Summer Book Catalog).  

If Centropolis got the Journal to believe them, more power to them.  It 
wouldn't be the first time that the Journal was duped!  Actually, a lot 
of people bought the story and now *really* appreciate the fact that 
Devlin lied to them (and to us).

What's all the fuss about anyway?  I'd venture to guess that he's very 
large, green or brown, and reptilian.  Oh, and I've heard that advance 
screenings indicate that the audiences feel that the movie has great 
effects but lacks the depth and character development of an earlier 
Centropolis film, INDEPENDENCE DAY.

Oh my God.


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