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Re: Don't say I never spoiled anything for you

Larry Dunn wrote:
> What's all the fuss about anyway?  I'd venture to guess that he's very
> large, green or brown, and reptilian.  Oh, and I've heard that advance
> screenings indicate that the audiences feel that the movie has great
> effects but lacks the depth and character development of an earlier
> Centropolis film, INDEPENDENCE DAY.
> Oh my God.

Remember, it's *Godzilla*.  If you want depth and character development
in a Godzilla flick, you're . . . well, disturbed, really.  We watch
Godzilla for the cathartic release of watching cities get flattened (and
hey, let's face it, that was the best part of Independence Day) and so
we can thumb our noses at military types who think big weapons will
solve all our problems.  Depth and character development are about as
alien to it as they are to a Tom and Jerry flick.