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RE: Dinosaur trivia question

Most of the list (particularly historical, that is, before 1990) was put 
together by Brent Breithaupt of the museum, University of Wyoming. I don't 
have a personal copy of the monograph, but I can put my hands on it again 
next week. I'm not sure if Breithaupt actually listed where they were 
found, but I'll check. As for current locations, ????? If anybody knows, 
Breithaupt does. If you wish to contact him, contact me and I'll send you 
his number; don't think he'd appreciate me giving it out over the internet 
wholesale without his permission. - Sue B.

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Sue Blakey has provided a interesting listing of the dinosaurs of Wyoming. 
Can anyone provide information on when/where the following specimens were
found there, as well as their current locations.....


I believe the type for the genus Diplodicus came from Colorado, although D. 
hayi is from Wyoming.

                  Curious in Denver,

                  Virginia Tidwell