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Godzilla - NO dinosaurs

I have seen Godzilla
he is NOT a dinosaur.

There is, however, a paleontologist in the movie. She THINKS Godzilla is
a dinosaur, but she is WRONG. The Paleontologist is not green, has no
scales, but does have red hair. She does not bite anyone in the course
of the motion picture.

Just thought I would nip endless speculation in the bud.

Oh. Yeah. Godzilla is very big. pretty cool looking and destroys lots
and lots of stuff and it was fun and very noisy and no, he doesn't look
at all like the former Godzilla except that he is sort of green and

There is some speculation amongst native New Yorkers that Godzilla is
Mayor Giuliani's secret weapon against the upcoming taxi cab strike, but
you'll have to see the movie to find out why.

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