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Re: Don't say I never spoiled anything for you

I don't know about that.  I've seen the image listed on the post here,
and I've seen another that is completely different (like a spiky
backed Carnotaurus)  They can't both be right!  And the idea of
Godzilla climbing the Empire State Building is confirmed as a
completely untrue rumor.

Joshua Dyal

---Larry Dunn <larrydunn@hotmail.com> wrote:
> From: Jeff Poling <jpoling@dinosauria.com>
> >   Just as a warning to everybody:  the studio put out many FAKE 
> drawings of
> >the new 'zilla, each different in specific ways, in order to figure
> >which vendors would leak the info.  Several of these drawings have 
> found
> >their way to the internet (and yes, the vendors' contract was 
> terminated).
> >This info came from _Wall Street Journal_.
> That's what Centropolis wanted you to believe.  The whole story
about a 
> supposed "purposeful leak" strategy is now known to have been a 
> smokescreen to explain away actual leaks.  All of the images
released on 
> the internet (among them the Fruit of the Loom pictures and the 
> sculpture of Godzilla atop the Empire State Building) were valid 
> likenesses of the Godzilla you'll see (or decide not to) this
> People attending advanced preview screenings have confirmed this, and 
> the legitimate licensed merchandise that's been released early has
> of these same images in it (such merchandise as the Starlog Movie 
> Magazine, the toys that are now available and the cover of
> Summer Book Catalog).  
> If Centropolis got the Journal to believe them, more power to them. 
> wouldn't be the first time that the Journal was duped!  Actually, a
> of people bought the story and now *really* appreciate the fact that 
> Devlin lied to them (and to us).
> What's all the fuss about anyway?  I'd venture to guess that he's
> large, green or brown, and reptilian.  Oh, and I've heard that
> screenings indicate that the audiences feel that the movie has great 
> effects but lacks the depth and character development of an earlier 
> Centropolis film, INDEPENDENCE DAY.
> Oh my God.
> Larry
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